Smart Ways of Preventing Google Adsense Ban

09/09/2015 8:03 PM by Shahidur in Google

Google Adsense is one of the best programmers who make way for the monetization of your blog. Because of increasing cases adsense scams, Google Adsense has come up with strict policies for all those people who run blogs or e- businesses. The terms which are actually being unfollowed by you, even if you have clicked ‘I accept’ will ultimately result in getting your account/ blog banned by Google Adsense. Without causing any delay, refer to these points and find out if this same BAN THREAT revolves around your blog or not.

Sending ads along with emails

Google Adsense has marked this rule of sending Adsense ads via emails completely vague. As it conflicts Google’s basic policy, it is not advised to continue this deadly practice anymore.

Limits of Adsense content

Adsense operates on a convenient mechanism of 1- 2- 3 to inform the bloggers about maximum quantum of three ad units to be posted on one page. However, the good news is that being a premium Adsense publisher, you won’t be restricted to publishing at most three ad units.

Select a language approved by AdsensePreventing Adsense Ban

Adsense has enlisted a number of languages which can be used in blog posts. In case, your web page is supported by some other unknown language which doesn’t qualify with Adsense rules, it’s the perfect time to make respective changes as early as possible. It will be completely against the rules of Adsense to turn your website into a site that is multi- lingual and displaying ads as well.

Unauthorized Clicks

The bloggers who are new to Adsense ask their friends, readers and relatives to click on ads from various I.P. addresses. When such cases are noticed by the Adsense expertise, they don’t resist in changing the enabled version of your account to the disabled one.

Using degraded tricks for promotions

You might be aware of the most commonly used tricks to increase those clicking rates. Click and proceed to view sizzling pictures is an ordinary instance that we all have come across at some point of time. Such practices are also not tolerated by the team of Google Adsense. If someone is found guilty doing such fraudulent activity, his account will be banned in the minimum possible time.

Getting Paid Traffic

It is almost every blogger’s desire to receive more and more traffic for his web pages. However, you need to think for a while if you are dealing with paid traffic for the sites which are already enabled with Google Adsense.

Beside following these advices, you must ensure that only supreme quality content is offered on the Google Adsense enabled web pages. The blogs that promote violence, nudity, gabling, alcohol, drugs, hacking activities etc. are not supported by Google Adsense in any case. Further, it is never going to be beneficial if the content that you post to your blog almost matches the size or color of the published ads. Adsense ads are never meant to be posted on log- in pages, thank you pages and 404 error page.

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