How to SEO optimize your website with limited budget

06/21/2015 7:25 PM by Sohag in SEO Tips

How to optimize your website with limited budget?

Small scale industries have only a limited budget to optimize their website. Most of the companies think without a heavy budget, the site performance cannot be taken to the next level. But they are wrong; there are several SEO improvement methods which can be used to optimize the website in the best possible way and too with a limited budget. Let’s have a look at the SEO improvement tips which needs to be followed by the companies having a limited budget to improve the website performance

Make sure enough content is present on a webpageSEO Optimization

  • A website owner should post 500-600 words content on every web page so that the visitors are able to find thorough information on a certain topic. Providing limited information will not please the visitor’s as they will switch to another website. So, post enough relevant content on the website so that more and more visitors are impressed with the website content quality. To count your words and character you can easily use our free Word Counter tool.

Remove all the duplicate content

  • In order to post enough content on a webpage, do not post duplicate content. Duplicate content will only result in lowering the SEO rankings, so it’s better to post new and fresh content on a webpage. If the duplicate content is present in a website, then take help of tools such as Google Webmaster to remove it. The tools are easily available on the internet and can be used for free, thus not disturbing the website budget.  For checking the uniqueness of your content you can use our Plagiarism Checker. Like other tools it's totally free to use.

Build healthy links

  • Many SEO service providers are using links as a main weapon to improve the site performance. The best way to build healthy links these days is to ask for them and display them in return. You must ask your friends or employees having blogs to mention the website link in their posts, so that more and more visitors can reach to your website.

Focus on image optimization

  • A website owner needs to focus on the image optimization in order to optimize the website in best possible way. A website does have lot of images on a webpage which are responsible for higher rankings. Having better images on a webpage can benefit the website as the visitors these days prefer to view image than reading text as the image clearly defines the objective behind the content.

In order to optimize images, first of all rename the images by setting up a good name for an image. After that, write Alt text for each image. Alt text is another major element which clearly describes what the image is all about. If a visitor is having trouble while understanding the image, then the Alt text can help the visitor to understand it.

These tips as well as some other tips such as video optimization, local search optimization, etc. need to be followed by small scale companies having low budget to optimize the website. These small tips can bring a major change in the performance of a website if followed properly. So use these tips for optimizing a website when the company is running out of budget or having a low budget.

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