How to get website traffic by facebook

08/12/2015 7:03 PM by Shahidur in SEO Tips

How facebook can be used efficiently for SEO?

One of the main reasons why social media is being considered as so important for SEO is because more and more people are getting connected to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. Hence, if you really want to get maximum traffic for your website then you need to consider social media as your best friend and start implementing the latest strategies.

Let us start with Facebook because a recent study has indicated that people on average are spending fourteen minutes daily on Facebook. It means there is a huge potential waiting out there to be explored and can be converted into potential buyers for your products and services.Get Website Traffic

Concentrate on content rather than fan following

  • The foremost important thing to concentrate on is content. You need to post something unique, informative, and engaging and something which has the capacity of going viral. The fan following which is also called as “likes” will automatically rise and most importantly it is going to be genuine likes. People these days are busy getting more and more likes and they forget to post good content. Hence, choice is yours and you should make full use of the available resources.

Reply to every comment and see the magic happen

  • Whenever you post something on Facebook, there are complete chances that comments will also be made. You need to make sure that every comment is replied. No matter if it is a negative comment or a positive comment. Once you will develop a habit of replying to each comment, you will see that people are going to appreciate. This will also help in increasing the engagement with the followers and a positive impact will happen.

Encourage visitors to do some action

  • In SEO terms it is called as “call to action”. If you are encouraging visitors to reply back to the question raised by you or if post a quiz so that people can participate, then people will follow you more. You can post 2 to 3 things in a day and after a week; you will see the number of people logged into your profile touching a new high.

Post during specific times of the day and week

  • Research has proved that there are specific times of a day and week, when user engagement is quite high. Days such as Wednesday, Friday and Saturday are considered as the best time to post something. Moreover, early morning hours and late evening hours should be considered for posting on Facebook.

These were one of the best strategies that can be implemented while operating your Facebook account. Apart from these points, you can also think of posting 3-min videos, info graphics and tip of the day to encourage more engagement.

You also need to have bit patience because things are not going to change all of a sudden. After implementing the above said points, it may take 2 to 3 weeks or even a month to get positive results. But the results that you are going to get are going to be long-lasting.

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