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Email is an essential part of a business life. Small businesses need emails to send their offers and introduce their businesses to new prospects. It is the reason many startups have to spend a fortune on buying email contacts to power their marketing activities. Although some people are indisposed to receiving unsolicited emails, there are still chances your message will land on a good soil and germinate if you try.

If you manage a small business and needing email contacts of organizations to introduce your business or have access to emails to market your business, you can locate emails from different websites with emails using scraping services like the Solid Seo email privacy tool.

The purpose of email privacy tool

Solid Seo email privacy tool scrapes email from submitted site. With this service, you can build your email list and take the time to sort out which ones are best for your purpose.

Benefits of solid Seo Email Privacy tool

Spamming is not encouraged because it comes as a disturbance when you send inappropriate messages to people. But when you send a message about child upbringing solution to a business that is into kids’ development services, you will be offering your service to people that need it. In such situation, you are not a disturbance. The advantage of using Solid Seo Email Privacy service is that you can get emails from organizations that are relevant to your service.

  • Build your email database using relevant websites to your business
  • Collect as many email IDs as possible
  • Never run out of email list as you can create more every passing day to boost your marketing activities

How to use Solid Seo Email Privacy tool

Solid Seo Email Privacy is a free service that you can use to build your email database for marketing purposes. It is very easy to use and works with incredible speed enabling you to scrape so many emails within a short time. You can do this as follow:

  • Get the URL of the website to scrape emails
  • Type the URL, one at a time, into the space provided
  • Enter the verification image code in the space provided
  • Slick the submit button to send your request
  • Wait a few seconds for your result

If the website you entered has email, it will report “email found in the status and lists the emails below. If the website has no email, it will report “No Email Found” on the status, and you can try another website.

Solid Seo is a free resource every start-up and ongoing businesses can take advantage of using to power their business from information technology perspective. You can check the site for more useful tools for our business.