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The dream of every website owner is to see their site rank higher in search engines and pull great traffic, but did you know that the journey to a great website performance starts with your domain? How your domain will perform in terms of ranking can be predicted by the tool called domain authority checker.

What is domain authority?

Domain authority is a competitive metric of your site against other websites. How your site will perform alongside other sites in the search engine that will lead to its ranking position is what is determined by domain authority. Domain Authority is a metric developed by Moz to rate site performance on a scale of 1-100. In which case, the rating goes from the least (1) to the most (100).

Benefits of domain authority checker

Many site owners think of domain authority as the result of their SEO effort and hope it will improve with time, but this is not true. DA is competitive information on how your site’s domain will perform against competitors’ site. The benefit of using a domain authority checker, therefore, is that it provides you the right information of the real deal between your site and your competitors. It gives you the insight on what to do to build your website for better ranking, providing available resources at your disposal.

Another benefit of domain authority checker is that you will know what to do at the right time to work on your site’s domain. The result will let you know the sites that are performing better than yours. And since you know, you can design a proactive program to improve your site’s resources to meet or surpass the standard of such competitor site. Information is power.

Where to find Domain Authority

Domain Authority is a metric found in many online marketing platforms and SEO all over the internet. Solid SEO tools offer domain authority checker to harness these services to give you accurate information about your site’s domain authority.

How to use the Solid Seo Domain Authority Checker tool

Using Domain Authority Checker is easy. On Solid Seo Tools Domain Authority Checker page, simply follow the instruction below:

  • Type in the space provided below, the domains you wish to check up to 20 in separate lines.
  • Fill in the Image Verification code in the space provided
  • Click the submit button
  • Wait for your domains to process and report provided.

With the result of your domain authority finding, you can take necessary step to build your domain authority higher, knowing that the higher your domain authority, the better your site’s ranking will be in search engine result page (SERP).