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Today we are going to share with you a tricks which will help you to convert any PDF to Word within a single minute. A website that allows you not only converting PDF files also you can convert a lot of documents from one format to another format fully free.

We are introducing PDFsToWord.Com the one and only conversion website that allows a lot of features fully free without registration, installation and subscription.

PDFsToWord.Com is a completely online based software application which allows you to convert any kinds of document like PDF, Word (Doc, Docx), Excel (Xls, Xlsxs). PowerPoint, JPG, PNG, TIFF and others.  This website was built only for the helping purposes. There are a lot of websites where registration is required and after conversion they will ask you for the registration to download the converted file. But in PDFsToWOrd.Com we don’t require any kinds of information from you. You can always use the website from anywhere without sharing your information.


There are a lot of features in PDFsToWord.Com you can check the complete list below. This website can help you a lot to save your time.

Upload via DropBox: This website has a feature called upload via dropbox which will allow you to upload your document which you want to convert . It will directly take you to the dropbox you can just login to the dropbox and select the file which you want to convert. 

Upload via Google Drive: You can even upload your document from google drive. Like dropbox what you have to do is just click on the button called Upload via Google Drive and select th


e file which you want to convert.

Drag and Drop: With this features you can easily upload your files from your current device. No matter which device are you using you are still able to upload your files.

Single Click Conversion: You don’t have to wait for the confirmation that file has been uploaded or anything like that. If you uploaded your files you are done. Just click on Convert Now. It will redirect you to the download page and convert the document.

Save to Dropbox: After conversion is done you will have multiple options to download the converted file. Save to dropbox is one of them. If you click on Save to Dropbox it will redirect you to the dropbox website and let you save your document here forever. You will not have to save the files manually. Our powerful website will do that for you completely free.

Save to Google Drive: You can also save your document on google drive once the conversion is done. Simply click on “Save to Google Drive” and you are done. I

f you are already logged in to your google account it might show only “Save” .

Download File: You can also download your file to your local storage. If you click on “Download” button the converted file will be downloaded to your device instantly. You can easily edit your document and take it wherever you want.

Email Download Link: If you don’t like to download your files to your local device now. Or don’t want to save the file into your Dropbox or Google Drive then we have another features called “Email Me” this options will send you the download link directly to your email. You can share the link with others or even use it for yourself. What you have to do is, once the conversion is complete fill up your email and click on “Email Me”. You will receive and email from PDFsToWord.Com where you will get a link to download your converted file.

Note: The download link will work only for 24 hours from the time you converted.

How to convert PDF to Word?

To convert PDF to Word you don’t have to do a lot of things. Here is the steps you need to do.

Step 1) Click on PDF To Word

Step 2) Drag and drop your PDF files into the green box.

Step 3) Click on Convert now.

Step 4) Click on Download and save the file.

Step 5) Congrats you are done. !

Here is the other features list you can convert your files from

 1) PDF to Word                   2) Word to PDF

 3) PDF to JPG                     4) JPG to PDF

 5) Merge PDF                    6) Split PDF

 7) Excel to PDF                  8) PDF to PowerPoint

 9) PowerPoint to PDF      10) JPG to Text

 11) HTML to PDF             12) PNG to PDF

 13) PDF to PNG               14) Rotate PDF

 15) Encrypt PDF              16) Decrypt PDF

 17) PDF to Txt                 18) PDF to HTML

 19) PDF to TIFF              20) PDF to BMP

 21) Extract PDF Images 22) PDF to PostScript

23) TIFF to PDF              24) BMP to PDF

25) Txt to PDF                26) PNG to Txt

27) TIFF to Txt               28) BMP to Txt 

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