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08/29/2015 5:38 PM by Sohag in Domain

Domain Authority’ is a term coined by Moz with a view to know the effectiveness of a website as compared to its competitors. It informs you regarding the extent of performance in search engines. By using this metric, a score between 0 (the worst performance) and 100 (the best performance) will be received by the website. This will give a clear picture about how good or bad your site is currently performing. In case, the score of Domain Authority is less, you will at least be aware that you need to work smartly, in order to increase the traffic so that more and more people can be aware about your brand name.

As the name suggest, Domain Authority involves ascertainment of authority of domain on an overall basis.  Among various factors, MozRank and MozTrust are responsible for establishing a reputed Domain Authority. If you are completely new to these terms, the below mentioned information will help you in understanding what these phrases are all about.

  1. MozRank

It is the rank offered to the webpage, showing how important and crucial it is on the internet for online users. The balanced quantum of qualitative links directing towards your page is the key to success for increasing your MozRank. So, if you are getting an average score of 3 out of 10, you need to improve your chances to score more.domain-authority

      2. MozTrust

MozTrust monitors your connection with the trusted sites on the internet. The more these trusted websites link to your site, the more awesome it is going to be for you. Even if you are unable to create a direct link with these already established sites, you can try maintaining a link with the site which is directly linked to that trusted website.

Now, the question arises how a fresher or an experienced SEO writer can work on improving the Domain Authority of his website. This query is tried to be solved in the following points which are stated as follows:

      3. Sound Relationships

The website/ domain owners with whom you have been able to maintain sound relationships will readily link to your web page. It creates a huge impact on the Domain Authority of your website.

       4. Brand Awareness

If you have been able to set up a unique mark of recognition in the internet market, it will influence readers/ clients to return to your web page frequently. Ultimately, you score more chances of creating more backup links and getting your content shared more on the social media.

       5. Make your presence felt on Social Media

Setting up profiles on social media is going to be a boon for Domain Authority of your web page. By letting know people what your work is all about, you are more likely to create a positive impact for your domain page.

Limiting the count of links on web pages, having a neat site structure, taking the least time in getting your web page opened, designing a section where recently posted content can be seen, appreciating other people’s site with a hope that they will share your posts on theirs etc. are some of the additional ways to ensure that your Domain Authority score shows excellent results.

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